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Industry and Technology Hub

Industry and Technology Hub

Industry and Technology Hub Leads: industry-tech@cps.iau.org

Hub Leads: Chris Hofer (Amazon Kuiper) & Tim Stevenson (SKAO)

The Industry and Technology Hub aims to foster collaboration between the astronomy and satellite communities and deepen awareness on the pressing matter of the protection of the dark and quiet sky. The objectives of the hub include:

  • Encourage implementation of best practices and mitigations by satellite constellation proponents to reduce their impact on astronomy.
  • Develop tools that enable the satellite industry’s voluntary adoption of recommended mitigations. 
  • Promote ongoing innovation of solutions.

There is no cost for satellite industry stakeholders to join the Industry & Technology Hub. To join, just email: industry-tech@cps.iau.org

The Industry & Technology Hub is focused on educating and informing the satellite industry about their possible impact on astronomy, and recruiting satellite stakeholders to participate in the collaboration with the astronomical community. The Hub and its members are also actively exploring the tools and resources needed to assess satellite systems and effective, affordable and accessible solutions to mitigate effects on astronomical discovery.

  • IT Hub Town Hall Public Agenda 3.1.23 - download PDF here
  • IT Hub Town Hall Presentations 3.1.23 - download PDF here
  • Essential Reading List 9.7.23 - download PDF here
  • Consolidated Recommendations & Best Practices from SATCON/D&QS Workshops 2020-21 - download PDF here

  • Create informational overview of optical and radio astronomy activities and the potential impact from satellites.
  • Create informational materials on the satellite sector and constellation development to build understanding within the astronomy community.
  • Consolidate a repository of current technical analysis, studies, best practices and mitigations to date for easy industry reference. 
  • Make astronomer advisors available as pathfinders.

  • Encourage industry to share satellite location data and support ongoing creation of space data repositories for observatory scheduling purposes.
  • Promote development of simulation software for early predictive analysis. 
  • Catalogue available test facilities for prototype ground testing. 
  • Leverage coordinated observation networks to measure brightness of satellites in orbit.
  • Share mitigation techniques implemented and support ongoing R&D into new mitigation solutions


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